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Buy Now Titanmetal Treatment

Buy Now Titan Metal Treatment

Made with Zero Friction Technology

QNET’s Titan Metal Treatment made with Zero Friction TechnologyTM is a metal treatment oil for cars, motorbikes, lawn mowers, heavy vehicles and machinery, among others. Its one-of-a-kind nanotechnology penetrates into the smallest crevices of your engine (known as micropores) and forms a tough low friction shield. This low friction shield is able to withstand up to 5 times more weight and friction when compared to other high performance lubricants such as mineral and synthetic-based engine oil and oil treatment.


Titan Metal Treatment is compatible with all types of oil, greases and other lubricants. It may be added at any time without affecting the lubricant already used, provided the lubricant does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.


Titan Metal Treatment


Key Benefits

  • Prolongs engine life
  • Ensures smoother engine start-up
  • Increases acceleration
  • Keeps engine cooler, smoother and quieter
  • Keeps engine oil clean and extends engine oil change up to 5,000 km

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