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Research shows 1 in 4 men around the age of 30 is affected by low testosterone. Testosterone deficiency can lead to serious health issues such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, weak bones, and even depression.

Q Alive is a plant-based supplement that naturally increases testosterone levels for complete men’s health and performance.

With advanced patented technology, used to extract 100% pure bioactive peptides, Q Alive uses the world's best Tongkat Ali which has been proven to help increase testosterone production and release at a cellular level.

Regular intake of Tongkat Ali has been clinically proven to have the following effects in a matter of weeks*:

47% increase in Testosterone 1
73% higher physical strength 2
82% improved mood 2
91% greater sexual performance 2

*Disclaimer: Test results are based on current scientific and clinical knowledge. They are required to be interpreted in accordance with the standards and practices of the testing adopted, and are subject to the same limitations as applicable to such methodologies.


Our Uniqueness

Where most commercial Tongkat Ali uses a crude herb extract, Q Alive’s Tongkat Ali Physta® is made with advanced patented technology to extract 100% pure extract with standardized bioactive peptides, which are proven to be more effective than the unpatented Tongkat Ali. Physta® has been scientifically proven in 17 clinical studies, to increase testosterone production naturally in the body and provides long-lasting health benefits.

Research shows that many men’s vitality products in the market are contaminated with heavy metals or harmful drug substances, giving you temporary outcomes but possibly health-damaging side effects. 9 QNET undergoes strict manufacturing practice and goes the extra mile to obtain third party lab validation to ensure NO harmful banned substances in Q Alive.


Q Alive brings out the best in men.

  • Boosts healthy testosterone level & sexual performance 1, 2
  • Enhances erectile function & sperm quality 3, 4
  • Maintains muscle strength & bone density 5,6
  • Supports heart health & stamina 7
  • Reduces age-related fat build-up 8
Disclaimer: Q Alive is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any medical condition. Individual results may vary.

How to consume:

  • Men’s Formula – For Adults Only
  • Two (2) capsules daily, after dinner. Take for five consecutive days, followed by two rest days.

Key ingredients:

  • US and EU patented Physta® Tongkat Ali
  • Black Maca
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tribulus Terrestris

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