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Brook & Blaze

Ranging from intricate to sleek, the offerings in this collection are united by one credo – that enjoying boundless success requires a strength in passion, unrelenting hard work, and a fierce desire to make a difference in the world.


Iris Grotto Series

The Iris Grotto series features a brass jewellery set with each piece, elaborately woven to enclose amethyst cubic zirconia gems. Each of the pieces lets out a subtle shimmer inspiring insight of dusky hues as it foretells beautiful days to come.

The Limitless Series

The Limitless series is composed of bangles and rings made of lustrous brushed rhodium/brass engraved with the word “LIMITLESS” outside and the slogan “Loyalty. Love. Service.” inside. Each piece is a testament to owning your vision of triumph and mission of blazing through the world to spread its joys.