The best products for your Health

QNET’s range of health and nutritional supplements are formulated to strengthen your immune system, manage your weight effectively, give you more energy to do the things you love and, ultimately, help you live a healthier life.



An expert selection of natural food supplements that are lifestyle friendly and give you the nutritional support you need to live a healthy, active life full of vitality.


Q Alive

Natural Testosterone Booster


Immunity Booster and Detoxifier


Vitamin-Rich Supplement

EDG3 Junior

Natural Immunity Booster


Hydrogen Tablet

Your Natural Bodyguard

Discover the immune boosting power of fresh olive leaf extract, harvested naturally in organic farms in Australia, packed with 400% greater antioxidant capacity than Vitamin C.


Your Natural Bodyguard


Boost weight loss while you rest!

Boost weight loss while you rest!

Experience the benefits of green coffee bean extract in your daily morning cuppa to help you manage a healthy weight.


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